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WELCOME HOME OUR TRULY HOMELESS VETERANS On the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. are the names of nine men whom the government at the time of the dedication in 1982 had no record of their places of birth, nor of their home towns. These were truly homeless veterans. With the dedication of this Memorial on September 8, 1996, Rochester, New York veterans adopted these nine men, who were killed in action on the date listed. Welcome home, our brothers.

Clark T. Bootz October 5, 1970
Peter H. Brown October 10, 1966
Michael R. Haliburton August 8, 1970
Christopher D. MiracliaSeptember 3, 1970
Jon O. Nacy November 8, 1975
Randall K. Nauertz December 2, 1968
Frankie Northern September 8, 1970
Michael P. Ribich October 6, 1979
Francis M. Rinker April 9, 1967

However, since the time of the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Greater Rochester some of this information has changed. According to the Washington Post, there are potentially 38 names on the Memorial in Washington who may not have died in Vietnam. The New York Times published 14 names of living veterans that are inscribed on the Wall. Of these 14 names, 3 of them are included in the group of veterans adopted by the Rochester Community. They are as follows:

SP5 Clark T. Bootz
SGT Christopher D. Miraclia
SP4 Frankie Northern

Since the time of the dedication much of the information regarding the home towns and home states of these men has also been found. The following 3 men are no longer homeless veterans, but will always be a special part of the Memorial in Rochester.

Jon O. Nacy Detroit, Missouri
Randall Nauertz Altoona, Wisconsin
Michael P. Ribich Great Falls, New Hampshire