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THE VIETNAM VETERAN We went to war because our country called us. It was our heritage, our duty, our honor, our love of country. "Most of us were teenagers when we went to Vietnam. We learned values like courage and loyalty, hard work and sacrifice. We saw those lessons in each other's eyes. If our country didn't care about us, then we cared about each other. We built our own memorial, shed our own tears, made our own fullest possible accounting. And then we got with it. We've grown up. We're parents and grandparents now. We'll never forget. But it's time to stop rooting in that rag and bone shop of our hearts. It's time for old soldiers, old enemies, and old draft dodgers to make peace together. No more blame. No more excuses. Life has gone on, and the war is over. Finally."

William Broyles, Jr., Newsweek, February 14, 1994
The author and former editor-in-chief of Newsweek, served in Vietnam as a Marine Lieutenant. He is a co-creator of the TV series, "China Beach"