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WALK OF HONOR The Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Greater Rochester's mission is to commemorate the 280 men who gave their lives for our freedom, to educate future generations about their experiences and sacrifices and to aid in the healing for all who were left behind. At the Memorial, a stainless steel bollard is dedicated to each of the 280 men who died from the Rochester area during the Vietnam War.

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If you are able,
Save a place for them
Inside of you. And
save one backward glance
When you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.
Be not ashamed to say that you loved them,
Though you may not have always.

Take what they have left,
And what they have taught you
With their dying
And keep it your own.

And in a time
When men decide and feel safe
To call war insane,

Take one moment to embrace
Those gentle heroes
You left behind.

Written by Major Michael Davis O'Donnell, helicopter pilot;
1 January 1970, Dak To, Vietnam; KIA on March 24, 1970


As 2005 begins, all of us reflect upon its significance. I think about how each of our personal experiences color that reflection. Like many, I feel blessed to be an American and to know so many people who make Rochester a great place to live. With all of our rich differences, we often unite for the common good. We are special, in the best sense of the word.

For many, we think with prayer and with gratitude for all veterans who have served and who continue to serve in uniform to protect our way of life. I am grateful to every individual and group that supports veterans' causes of all kinds. We were delighted to see the Memorial in our capital dedicated for World War II veterans. As I focus more locally, I appreciate all who remember the Vietnam Memorial in their thoughts, prayers and deeds. I especially thank those who give time, talent and treasure to the support of the Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial. They commemorate the 280 men who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. As I look to the future, I make a plea from our community. This is not for financial support. It is for closure. Dedicated in 1996, the Memorial commemorates 280 individuals, but there are 30 for whom we do not know their school. The Memorial is an outdoor educational park, and thousands of school children come with dedicated teachers each year to remember. This year, one of our major repair jobs must be done. The nameplates that list each person, their date of birth, the day they died or were missing and their home school need to be replaced. We need help in a non-monetary, but significant way. We need anyone who can identify the schools of these 30 men, to contact us ( with that information before we refurbish the name plates. We will be eternally grateful to gain closure on a Memorial to 280 of many men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you.

Branch Name DOB Status Date of Death
Marines George Stephen Balazy 1/2/45 KIA 9-12-65
Navy Edgar Peter Beck, Jr. 9/18/50 KIA 12-31-70
Army Lionel Butler 8/1/31 KIA 2-7-68
Army Roger Herbert Coye 8/26/30 KIA 12-7-66
Air Force Aaron Davis, Jr. 10/4/49 KIA 2-12-71
Army Richard Elliot 8/19/48 KIA 4-2-70
Army Albert Leroy French 2/23/28 KIA 8-10-66
Army Thomas Henry Green 1/21/26 KIA 7-9-69
Army Richard Green, Jr. KIA 9-15-68
Army John Harden 2/26/45 KIA 5-4-66
Army John Powers Hickey 7/10/46 KIA 7-26-66
Army Walter H. Hucks 1/22/33 KIA 2-24-68
Army Stanley M. Jamrock 8/17/43 KIA 2-15-68
Army Kenneth Wayne Lampman 1/6/46 KIA 3-5-67
Marines Larry George Ludwig 5/15/47 KIA 7-5-67
Marines Russel B. Luker 2/17/33 KIA 2-1-66
Army Charles Ross Manarel 1/1/45 KIA 6-11-69
Army Bruce K. Manning 11/10/43 KIA 5-29-67
Army Ernest T. Martin 7/16/39 KIA 1-15-68
Marines Glenn McCarthy KIA 3-28-67
Army Abraham L. Moore KIA 10-13-69
Army Timothy Samuel Owen 11/25/46 MIA 6-29-68
Army Walter Lee Redding 5/30/49 KIA 8-11-70
Army Wallace Roberts 3/17/28 KIA 6-26-70
Army Jose Anton Robles-Miranda KIA 3-20-67
Army Jeffrey David Schumacher KIA 6-14-71
Army William Paul Shaffer KIA 6-19-67
Air Force Theodore Shorack 3/6/29 KIA 6-9-66
Army Stephen A. Shortall 6/14/45 KIA 2-12-69
Air Force Robert Simmons 11/25/51 KIA 3-29-72
Army Felix A. Sisario 10/1/30 KIA 1-1-68
Marines Carl Arthur Smith 4/5/46 KIA 5-1-67
Army Richard Floyd Smith 12/9/44 KIA 3-16-66
Air Force David States 4/15/45 KIA 10-17-66

God Bless you,

Barry Culhane, President Emeritus VVM