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ROCHESTER THROUGH THE WAR Throughout the history of our great country, we have struggled. Some of these struggles have tested our very identity. One such struggle, the Vietnam War, has left a scar on the American soul. It was the longest war in American history, and it aroused the most controversy in America since the Civil War. In the Memorial there is an extensive timeline of events beginnning in 300 B.C. and continuing until present day. The timeline goes into great detail regarding the Vietnam War from its early stages all the way through the end of the war and the fall of Saigon. The purpose of the timeline is to educate future generations about this time in history, stimulate discussion, promote healing and, by telling the story, commemorate those who served and those who died in Vietnam.

ROCHESTERIANS: A TRADITION OF SERVICE The commitment of service to America is a tradition for Rochesterians. Many sacrifices were made by those who served and by those who were left behind.


in Service

in Service

WWI 4,743,826 20,000 116,708 609
WWII 16,353,659 32,000 405,399 1,284
Korean War 5,764,143 20,000 34,454 165
Vietnam War 8,744,000 28,000 58,156 280

More people were killed in Vietnam from the Greater Rochester area than were killed from the states of Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. More than 4,000 New York State residents were killed, second only to the more than 5,500 killed from the state of California. Eight men from the nearby small town of Holley, New York were killed in Vietnam, the highest number of KIAs per capita of any town in the USA. God Bless each and every person who made the ultimate sacrifice.