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Stories Behind the Faces

Dear Barry,

The echoes have faded, the tears dried, but the memories kindled live on. Now they have a place, a place of honor.

Most of us didn't know on a personal basis anyone on the Walk of Honor, yet each bollard was a symbol of someone we knew and we were touched. We empathized with family and friends in the grief, and in the emotion of the event it brought back an old question, 'why was I spared?'; 'that could have been me', 'that could have been my family'. We had long ago concluded that there are a lot of questions that will not be answered in this life, so rather than ponder the unanswerable we pledged to God to have our lives count for good.

Every so often in our pilgrimage through life, our paths cross with someone who sees a need, defines it clearly and then proposes a solution. That person has a vision of what can be, not what is practical nor what is politically acceptable; they look above these constraints. And as you shared your vision our eyes were raised and we signed on. Barry, you not only shared your vision but encouraged many to contribute to it and enrich it. And in doing so ownership was shared. In the sharing of ownership you have permitted all of us to make a payment on our pledge. Thank you.

And thank you for providing the leadership that brought out the best in so many, our lives are richer. Thanking you, I remain,


M. Richard Rose
Board of Directors
Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Greater Rochester