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Stories Behind the Faces

"Anybody that goes there really can find something, whether it's to learn more about the war or just to sit quietly. The personal aspect of the memorial I think is what's so striking for people. You not only know the service, but you know the high school and the birthday, and the death date. And that just makes it so amazingly personal because you see how young all these guys were.

The education part is amazingly successful, you can get a lot of information about the war if you want that. You really get the feeling of what that war did. The timeline is very effective because it isn't just about the war, it's about the whole country and the community and people landing on the moon and what was going on. And I think it helps to put it into perspective for the students and classes that come there. I just think it's probably one of the finest in the country, and it's the only one that I know that does more than just put sayings or names on stones. It's been a thrill to work on it and something that I'm very proud of."

Miriam Shapiro